Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Our Little Pumpkin, Ryder just wants to say Happy Halloween to Great Grandma Cloud, Auntie Kari, Uncle Ken, Rylie, Erica and Kendra
Grandma Jackie and Great Great Aunt Mary and Uncle Ken, too and Gary and Ella!
to Auntie Sherry!
and to Becky and little J-man, Monica and Karen! and all of our Blogger friends & our Ravelry friends!!
Happy Halloween Everybody--hope you all get lots of good treats and no tricks!!
Hugzzzzzzz to all from Ryder

Victorian Swag

Got my first Victorian Swag sock finished!! I love it!! I am casting on immediately for the second sock--I have GOT to get over this second sock syndrome thing. Also finished my Harvest Sock Swap sock for my pal. Now just waiting for some goodies to come in the mail that I ordered for her, and can box everything up and send it off!!
This is one of Monica's patterns and it can be found here at The Loopy Ewe. Her patterns sell out fast, so go check them out!! I did this pair in Trekking XXL colorway 124. They are done on size 1 DPN's, top down. I really love this sock!! It is my most favorite sock that I've knit so far.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Generations for Ryder-His First Family Reunion

Ryder and his very proud Great GREAT Auntie Mary--yes that is two greats in there!!

Ryder with Great Great Auntie Mary, and his mama and daddy

Ryder has lots of family on his mama's side, and though they don't get to see him as often as I do--he is just as much loved by them, and their time with him is cherished. Recently our little man went with his mommy and daddy to a family reunion on his mama's side of the family. These are some pics of him with his Great-Great Aunt Mary. She is Tiffany's(his mom) great aunt. She is as close to Tiffany as a grandma would be because her Grandma is no longer with us. So for all of the holidays-and special days--it is to Aunt Mary's house that everybody gathers, and she always welcomes my daughter and I and makes us feel part of her family too. It was a joyous day for Mary, as she had not met Ryder before, so these pics are really special to all of us!! Thank you Auntie Mary for sending them to us. I have adopted her as my Auntie Mary too, so our little Ryder is really surrounded by family and love!! I see lots of good times and traditions for Ryder at Aunt Mary's and know that when he is grown, he will look back and think of happy and special times at Auntie Mary's, just as his mama and his Grandma Jackie do!!

Group photo from the reunion. That is Aunt Mary's granddaughter, Ella touching Ryder on the head. Isn't she too cute!? Look at that red hair!! I'll have to get Mary to add a comment and list the rest of those in the pic...maybe row by row and from L to R, Mary? Right behind Tiffany, who is holding Ryder, is Tiffany's mom, aka Grandma Jackie. Ryder is also her first grandbaby...so...first grandchild on both sides of the family--nope-this boy will NOT be spoiled--LOL!!!

message from Auntie Mary telling us who everyone is in the photo:

Hi Cindy and everyone,Isn't our Ryder just an angel! Thanks for the nice compliments, you made my day! Cindy it is wonderful you have this page where we can see updates on Ryder. Thank you for doing this, Ken and I are sure enjoying it.The pumpkin pics today are sooooo cute! He is all ready for Halloween! I am so proud to be his great-great auntie! I take my role as Auntie seriously...just ask Ryder's Momma! Cast of characters in the photo are, back row: Relation to Ryder - Cousins..Brett, Joseph, Greg, Matt, Auntie Mary (me). Middle row: More cousins Shar, Keith, and then skip over to between me and Matt is Jen (my daughter). Front row is Cousin Kellie, Jackie (grandmother to Ryder), Momma Tiffany holding Ryder, Rachel holding Ella (both my granddaughters), Uncle Ken (my husband), and new daddy Zak.

Ella giving Ryder a kiss...too sweet!!

Ryder with his Mama and Daddy, Zak & Tiffany

How to make a Shih Tzu

Start with a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you have about 3 hours. Turn on electric blanket to high and place a big fluffy towel under said blanket. Find a dirty, hairy little dog. One such as was in the previous post will work just fine. Add in a bathtub, some organic Oatmeal, Aloe Vera & Chamomile shampoo and some Jojoba oil conditioner. Start by combing out dirty little dog to make sure there are no tangles that when mixed with water turn into a big mat that will not comb out. Put dog in tub...add water and shampoo, then wash and rinse good, then add warmed up jojoba conditioner and leave to sit for about 10 minutes. Note--doggy will NOT be happy about being left to sit wet in the tub for 10 minutes. Rinse conditioner well. If you put the massaging shower head on massage while doing this, doggy will relax and actually enjoy this part of the process, and will then forgive you for leaving her to sit wet in the tub for 10 minutes...maybe...

Rub-a-dub-dub...a not very happy Roxy in the tub.

Rinse well, then add this magical stuff called Quicker Slicker to 2 quarts of water and pour over dog for a fast blow dry, and tangle free comb out. Squeeze out water. Then go get towel that you have warmed up by placing under electric blanket (it's a good thing said dirty little dog isn't spoiled!). Wrap wet dog in now very nice warm towel. Cuddle for about ten minutes and tell her what a wonderful doggy she is to have survived the ordeal in the bathtub.

Next you want to blow dry dog with a high powered blow dryer--the salon type, which you can buy if you have a good friend who owns a salon. Do not allow dog to run around house and dry herself, even though it is cute...the result will be one very tangled ball of fur that will be impossible to comb out.
After drying thouroughly, you will have something like this...
Next comes the combout...
and yes--that is 4 combs you see in the picture--each one will be used, as each has it's own purpose in the making of a Shih Tzu. If you have followed all the above instructions, your comb out will be relatively easy and painless for doggy.
After the combout, top off with a pretty pink bow...and VOILA!!!!!!
You will have a Shih Tzu!!
(look, Auntie Sherry!! All my hair now goes up in my top knot!!)
One that knows she is pretty, and is now very happy because she feels so good, and knows she looks like a DIVA DOG!!
And that is how you make a Shih Tzu!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Gorgeous Day

I know I posted once today already--but some beautiful Fall weather has finally come to Minnesota, so Roxy and I went for a long walk today with the camera, and I wanted to share some of the pics with friends and family. Roxy loves walking in the leaves...she also loves to do nosedives and roll in them--she definitely is a kid at heart:)


And a good nosedive deserves a good roll in the leaves as well!!

coming up for air

Where's the Shih Tzu covered in leaves, mom? I don't
see any Tzu covered in leaves...what are you talking about?

A very satisfied Roxy

Just added this one cuz I thought it was cute!! don't ya' just want to pick her up and cuddle her!?

Now I'm off to do some knitting while one tired Tzu takes a nap on my lap. Later this evening it will be bathtime for her, and that takes a good three hours from start to finish!!

She Finally Gets It!!!!!

For many years, I have listened to my daughter, Aimee, laugh at me for all the yarn I buy,and all the knitting I do. Before I became a grandma, and when she was younger, she would call me "Ole Granny KnitKnit"!

On Thursday we were at her dr. appointment, and I was knitting on Ryders Cable Sweater. She kept watcing me knit, and she finally said to me...
"You know, it is really amazing to think that you are making that out of a piece of string."

DUH!!!!!!!! That is what I have been trying to explain to her for years about why I love to knit!!!!! I'm thinking it must be the pregnancy hormones that have helped her to FINALLY understand!! LOL!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Victorian Swag sock

Now that I've gotten a bit done on my Victorian Swag sock-I wanted to post a pic. I love this pattern--it is busy enough to not be boring, but not so intricate that I can't relax and enjoy a good movie while I am knitting on it. It is Monica's pattern, and is available from The Loopy Ewe. I am knitting it in Trekking XXL colorway 124. I also have another skein in a different colorway earmarked for this pattern as well :)
I've also ordered a set of sock blockers from Chappy's Fiber Arts & Crafts on EBAY. They designed a Shih Tzu pair for me. I can't wait to get them and display my socks on them!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Day for Surprises!!

As I sit here writing this evening, I am sipping and enjoying a warm cup of "Tame Cherry Tea" from Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor, MI. It is one of the lovely gifts I received from my Harvest Sock Swap pal, Becky. My package arrived today, and was a nice surprise!! It was filled with goodies!!

There was my beautiful Snicket Sock--which I love!! I am so happy that I am the lucky recipient of Becky's Snicket Sock!! Then the Tame cherry Tea--which I am loving!! A pumpkin pie candle that smells so much like the real thing, that I think I may just bake pies this weekend! LOL! There were some delectable Michigan chocolates. And I don't have a husband--so I don't have to share!! There is some beautiful stationary hand done by a Michigan artist that is very pretty. Then she sent me two balls of Crystal Palace Maizy yarn that is 85% corn fiber. It is so soft--who would have thought you could knit with corn? I already have a pattern picked out for it!! And last but certainly not least...bless her heart...she even thought of my dog, Roxy, and sent a wool felted dog bone toy for her...and she loves it!! Thank you so much for everything, Becky!! I love it all. It was so thoughtfully all put together! And like I said-I love the Snicket Sock!! It is sooooo soft. I can't wait to get the other one done so I can wear them. Oh--and Becky--I can read your writing on the pattern perfectly fine--remember--I am a nurse, so I have to decipher doctor penmanship all the time :) Big Hugzzzzzz to you and your precious little man, Becky!!

This was Roxy when I brought the package in...whenever we get a package-she gets all excited thinking it is for her, because she gets lots of presents from some of her Dogster Friends.

Is that a package for me, Mom? Huh, is it, is it!?

Roxy says a big Thank You and Tzu Kisses for you Becky!!

Thank you, Becky!! I love my new bone!!!

Then, my daughter stopped over when she got off work and brought me my birthday present--a bit late...my birthday was October 11, but we were soooo busy with her baby shower, that my birthday kind of fell by the wayside. That's ok though--this is Aimee's special time, and I count it a blessing to be sharing this time with her...but-she didn't totally forget my birthday, and she brought me this great craft tote that I have been wanting badly. It is full of pockets, and it has a zipper pocket on the bottom that holds this drawer in it, and it has a detachable metal carousel base. I love this thing--it will be perfect for my socks and smaller baby projects to take when I am on the go!!

And so I will sign off for tonight basking in the warm glow of family, love and friendship. I am looking forward to getting to know Becky better through here and through Ravelry, and also getting to hear all about her sweet baby boy!!

P.S. Don't look at the mess on my computer desk--LOL!! It is an organized mess!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!

Got home from work tonight and found my invitation to Ravelry!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! My name is grammaknits02. I haven't done much there yet, and have to now open a Flickr photo account so I can start adding pictures. It's been a long busy day at work though, so won't do it tonight. Roxy is begging for my undivided attention. Sure-she slept all day, so now she is full of it and wanting to play. She has brought me three toys already!! LOL!!

Also got my approval for Purling Puppies webring--so now I am finally linked up there too!! What a big day!! It sure doesn't take much to make me happy--LOL!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ryder says, "I Love My NaNa"

Along with the pics in the post below--I wanted to share these great videos of Ryder playing and laughing...these make me smile!

In this first video I am sure he is saying "I love my NaNa". It's definitely the right number of syllables! Listen close, and you will hear it...

I'm sure my precious Grandma in heaven must have taught him to say that!! We know she was with us the evening before he was born, because we looked outside and saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky, and I knew at that moment that Grandma was with us and that Ryder would make a safe entrance into the world. And I know that she knows that I want to be as wonderful a grandma to my grandbabies as what she was to me. That means more to me than anything, for my grandbabies to know how very much they are loved by their grandma--just as I knew how very much my grandma loved me. I was so blessed to have had her for 43 years of my life and I want to follow in the footsteps she left for me...

This is the rainbow we saw from the hospital window the evening before Ryder was born...Grandma was shining down on all of us and watching out for our little boy to help bring him safely into the big wide world...

and here he was minutes after he was born...safe and sound, just as Grandma's rainbow promised...

Sorry for the long trip down memory lane--I guess all the grandma hormones are hitting me tonight! Especially after hearing my grandson say, "I love my NaNa"! :)

Anyway...in this second video-he is just having fun playing and laughing...

OH!!!! And in other news...there are now only 150 people in front of me on Ravelry!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! Not much longer!!!! I need you all to help me come up with a good Ravelry name!!

and... I know that just a couple of posts ago I said I wasn't going to start any new socks until I had all the other pairs finished...but...I just couldn't help myself...I started my Victorian Swag pair--they are one of Monica's patterns, which will soon be available from The Loopy Ewe again. (right now they are sold out, but getting more in) The way I see it--I would not be a very good sock knitter if I had only ONE sock on needles...so...since my #1 DPN's were just sitting there all lonely and empty--I just had to get a sock going on them. Now that I have two socks going, as well as Ryder's cable sweater on needles--I feel like a much more whole and complete knitter :) With all that said--I am off to bed!!

It is Amazing...

It is amazing what we will do to get a baby to smile!! If my neighbors could have heard the noises I was making to get these smiles out of Ryder they probably would have come running with straight jackets. He smiles alot now, and laughs--he was laughing alot at all of this grandma's funny noises--I just couldn't snap the picture fast enough to catch them--finally got these two pics after about 20 pictures. I still look at this precious baby and can't believe that I have been blessed with being his grandma!!! He is the greatest, and I really enjoy every precious minute that I get to spend with him!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Autumn Sock

I just finished another sock last evening. Just had the toe left to finished, as I needed my needles to start my Harvest Sock Swap sock for my pal. Of course, I have other size 2 DPN's, but these were my Lantern Moon Sox Stix--and they are my favorite to knit with--I just can't describe how they feel in my hands...so...had to get this sock off the needles.
The pattern is from Monica and she allowed me to be a test knitter for the pattern--thank you Monica...HUGZZZZZZ!! I hope I did the pattern justice!! Her patterns can now be found here at The Loopy Ewe. I know some have sold out already, but I understand from her sister's blog that Monica will soon replenish what has been sold out. You should really check them out--all of her patterns are fantastic, and I feel lucky to have been able to be a "test-knitter"!!
This particular pattern is called "SockItToMe". and I used Trekking XXL yarn in the colorway 171. My pictures don't do the colors justice. I tried to get them as true as I could. Also--I messed up on the toe. When I got tothe toe decreases, I thought--oh--I know how to do this, so I didn't bother to read the directions :( I just did my own thing. Well--Monica has a different decrease, which gives the toes a neater, rounder appearance. When I make the second sock, I will do the toe right--no one will know but me anyway--and any of you who have now read my blog--LOL!!
Anyway--go check out Monica's blog, and her patterns at the Loopy Ewe. She inspires me to want to knit socks!!
After I finish my Swap Pal's sock, I am going to go back and complete the second sock of all 4 pairs that I have started BEFORE I start any new socks--LOL!! I promise!! You can all hold me to that!!
In other news, I was driving past my most favorite LYS of all...Borealis Yarns in St. Paul today, and they had a help wanted sign in the window!!! So I went in to inquire--and the owner told me she was looking for a part timer, and that they could be flexible with the hours....so....I filled out an application. My hospital hours are 5 twelve hour shifts every two weeks, so that leaves plenty of time to spend a few hours working in one of my most favorite places to be...heck--just the discount alone would be profitable for me--LOL!! So we shall see...she told me she would call me next week...I'll keep you all updated!!
Well-I'm off to knit for now!! Happy Monday to everybody!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frogging (sorry Fredrick-no offense)

After THREE trips to the frog pond, I am finally getting a good start on my Harvest Sock Swap pal's sock!! I finally gave up on all of my patterns and made a trip to one of my favorite LYS's and looked at patterns, and--the trip was well worth it!! I found THE pattern! It is knitting up beautifully with the yarn I picked!! Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow, so won't get to knit anymore until tomorrow night when I get off work :( I can't wait to start a pair of these socks for myself, as I bought myself a skein of the same yarn. I wish I could post pics, but the pattern and yarn must be kept secret until my partner receives her package...sigh!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Harvest Sock Swap Revisited

Now that the shower is done, and I have finished all of my projects for our Lyllie, I can start my sock for my Harvest Sock Swap pal. I went and bought the yarn today, and it is so pretty, I had to buy a skein for myself as well. It reminds me of driving along the Mighty Mississppi in fall and looking at all the beautiful colors of the leaves. OK--that is the only hint I am giving as to the yarn. I cast on tonight, and got through two rounds of the pattern, and hated the pattern--so off to the frog pond that went. Now I am delving back into searching for a pattern. I have a couple in mind that I think will work much better with the yarn, so tomorrow I will cast on again!! I want the yarn and pattern to be a surprise, so will not post pictures until after the package is received by my swap partner. I also found the neatest gifts to send her that I think she will love!! So sock partner Sheryl--hang on--your package will be coming fairly soon!!!

I have also cast on a beautiful cable sweater for Ryder that I am doing in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in a teal color. It is so pretty--well, handsome--guess I can't put pretty on a boy, right? LOL!! Will post pics of that soon! But for this next week I am going to be working on the sock. I also have four pairs of socks for myself right now that don't have mates, so gotta work on that Second Sock Syndrome once I get my swap partner's sock done.

Also, I just checked my status on Ravelry, and there are 1472 people in front of me, and 13,251 behind me, so....I am moving up in the line...I wonder how much longer it will be...
I signed up on September 14, and was #32,814 on the list...so I feel I have moved up fairly quickly. Bless whoever took on that huge project!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aimee's Baby Shower

Well--we made it to Saturday, and the shower went great!! A good time was had by all...but the highlight was the look on Aimee's face when my mom and sister-in-law walked in. Aimee glanced at the door as they came in, then did a double take, then started crying she was so surprised. I asked her later why she was crying, because we had just seen them three weeks earlier, and she replied, "Shut up!! I was having a hormone moment!" LOL!! Ah yes--I remeber those pregnancy hormone moments. In fact--I had a hormone moment myself when I saw the above picture--it was very poignant for me to see my mom holding MY grandson. It hadn't hit me too hard before that picture--but my mom IS a GREAT-Grandma now. I will cherish this picture forever.

And here are pics of the sweater set I made for Aimee--It is Sirdar Snuggly Baby DK and Sirdar Confetti yarn. The shower started at 2 PM and I finished the sweater at 11:00 Saturday morning! Talk about last minute!!

Here is a pic of the cake to welcome our little Lyllie to the big wide world...

and my beautiful Aimee with her cake and balloons....and
my niece Rylie in the pic with Aimee

Aimee and her Grandma, my mom...

...and a four generation picture...
My mom; my son, Zak; his son, Ryder and me...it was wild to be in a generation picture, and to be THE grandma!!! I am still getting used to this whole grandma thing, but loving and cherishing every moment...I truly feel blessed!!

I put a link in my sidebar to all of the baby shower photos. Please let me know if you click on the link and it doesn't work...it works for me, but I am signed in as the owner to the gallery. I'm not sure if it will request a passcode or not, so please let me know if it works or not!! Thank you!

So...tomorrow I am off to buy yarn for my Harvest Sock Swap partner!! I would not even allow myself to go buy the yarn before the shower knitting was done...it would have been WAY too much temptation for me to have the new yarn in my house--LOL!!!!