Monday, February 18, 2008

aren't these too sweet!

My friend and most favorite sock designer, Monica, designed these sweet little baby socks, and sent the pattern for me to try out. I just love them. They were a very quick knit-finished them in an evening, and I think because of the ribbing which you can't see because it is under the cuff, they should not be too easy for a baby to kick off. Lyllie was already in bed when I finished these, so I couldn't take them over for her to try on, but will definitely take them tomorrow and will post picks of my sweet little granddaughter modeling them for us. Thank you Monica for letting me be the first to knit these...well, second...I guess you were first--LOL!! I am guessing that this pattern will soon be available at The Loopy Ewe for sale along with many of Monica's other patterns.

I knit these in Fortissima Colori Socka in colorway 2402 which I had tucked away in my stash. Again-the pictures do not really do the colors justice. I think I need a new camera...oh well...someday...
Thank you again Monica for letting me try this pattern out for you. I can't wait to see these on Lyllie!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey Monica--Look what I did!!!!!!!!

I haven't blogged in a while...but I have been knitting. There has been a lot of stuff going on around my house...stuff I won't go into here right now, but thank God for knitting--it gets my mind off the stress.

One thing I will tell is that Lyllie was in the hospital with complications from RSV. RSV is a nasty virus. In adults it acts like a cold. Adults and older children often are not affected with complications, but in babies it can be very nasty and cause major issues with the lungs. Luckily for us and Lyllie, her lungs were not affected so badly--just a cough. But she got horrible diarrhea and vomiting from the virus and became dehydrated. So she spent a couple days in the hospital on IV fluids. She is home now, and is doing much better, and is practically back to her old self. Please keep her in your prayers though that she will continue to heal. Also--please keep Ryder in your prayers. It is a situation I don't want to talk about here yet, but I will someday soon.

So...on to the knitting front...I knit one pair of Monkey socks in the Smooshy Dream in color Beach of the beginning of the sock are in an older post. I got them finished, and Aimee quickly claimed them for herself--I din't even get a chance to take a picture of them first!! What a brat--LOL!! Oh well--she is lucky she is my number 1 daughter...oh wait...she is my only daughter!!

I made 3 pairs of little socks for Lyllie--socks that she can't kick off. One pair was a pair of "Baby Monkey" socks in the same yarn as the pair aimee Mommy and daughter have a matching pair of socks. Here is a pick of one of the pairs I made Lyllie...

this is a pattern that I made up myself as I knit them. I really like how they turned out, and they are so cute on her! Of course...this proud grandma thinks everything is cute on her!! LOL!!

Then I started a new pair for myself...These are one of Monica's patterns...Furrows.

These are done in Trekking XXL, but I don't have the colorway. My son spent a couple days at my house, and decided to do some cleaning, and he...gasp...threw away the wrapper!!!!!!! Bad boy!!!!!! He just didn't know!! I am loving how they turned out though, and the pattern was fun to knit. I did a little alteration though, and worked a short row heel. I really love the short row heels now that I have them figured out.

Now I am going to start my second Basketweave sock--got the first one done, and want to finish the pair. I am on a mission to complete all of my pairs that only have one sock done, and am now looking forward to doing all the second socks. I WILL overcome second sock syndrome!!!! So right now the Furrows pair will only have the one done, but I will go back to the second one soon...just want to get my basketweave pair done.

This is a pattern by Marguerite Byrne and can be found here. These are done in Trekking XXL as well, colorway 181. Darling son didn't find that wrapper to throw away--LOL!!

So anyway--that is life in a nutshell around here right now. Just keep Lyllie and ryder in your prayers for me...thank you!!

I leave you tonight with this recent pic of Lyllie in one of the sweaters I made is still a little to big, but by this spring it should fit her well...