Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome Lyllie!!!

Aimee's precious Lyllie arrived safely and healthy on Tuesday morning, November 27 at 2:43 am. She weighed 7# 8oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. I am so in awe of my amazing daughter and the hard work she did bringing her precious baby into the big wide world!!! I have never watched anything more beautiful in my life than my daughter having her baby. There are just no words to describe it!! However, even though she is now a mother, she still is, and will always be MY precious baby!! and I love her so much!!

I brought Aimee and Lyllie home from the hospital today, and they are staying here with me for a while until Aimee is more healed and has more strength. Over all, the delivery went very well. Lyllie was born into a very quiet, dimly lit room, and placed right on her mama's chest where she stayed for the first two hours of her life. It was a very peaceful and precious time, and Lyllie is very peaceful and content--I think the dim lighting and quiet room made her birth less traumatic to her nervous system and to her spirit. We are just so grateful to have her here with us, healthy and safe!!
Please share in our joy with us, and enjoy the slide show of Lyllie's first pictures in the sidebar to the right!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Got my order today from The Loopy Ewe. Got three MonicaKnits sock patterns, and my luscious yummy yarn...Cherry Blossom from Cherry Tree Hill. I have three more of Monica's patterns that I want to order, but think I will wait til after Christmas...maybe...LOL! See the good pic in the post below of the yarn--my camera doesn't do the colors justice!! I haven't decided which pattern I will use for the yarn yet--but my fingers are itching to cast on!! But....first I started this sock, and will finish the pair before I cast on the Cherry Blossom...

This is the Basketweave Ribbing sock pattern by Marguerite Byrne. I am knitting it in Trekking XXL colorway 181 and I love how it is turning out. I have another skein of this yarn stashed away for a pair of Victorian Swag socks as well.

My sock blockers haven't come yet :( My pappal account reverted back to my old address when I went to pay, and I didn't notice-so they are now on their way back to the shipper, but she knows about it, and promised she will mail them back out just as soon as she gets them back, so hopefully by the weekend I will have them.

On the Aimee front--we are STILL waiting. We were back in the hospital Saturday evening. She was having good strong contractions that got down to every 3 minutes. So at 3 minutes apart, we decided it MUST be time to go...well-we got there, and they slowed down. The nurse had us walk for an hour, and they STOPPED!!!!!, we were sent home-again. We thought sure that we were safe when they got down to 3 minutes apart. Becky--maybe you could share your labor story with us so we will know when labor is really real...

anyway, if she hasn't had the baby by Sunday, the dr. is having her come in to the hospital Sunday evening to be induced. The baby is getting big, and we don't want Aimee to have a hard time getting her out, or have the baby get stuck. next Monday or Tuesday, hopefully I will have pictures of a healthy, beautiful baby girl to show off. I must admit, I am a bit nervous about watching MY baby girl go through labor. If I could take the pain for her, I would. Please keep us in your prayers!! Sunday, it was back out to the Mall of America for us, and we walked around all three floors--and it is a HUGE place--so that was lots of walking...but look at what Aimee got for first Grandma ornament...isn't it too sweet!?

It was about this time last year that I found out that Zak and Tiffany were expecting Ryder, and I remember thinking when I was shopping last year that this year I would have a grandbaby to shop for...I NEVER dreamed that I would have TWO grandbabies by this Christmas!! I feel so blessed!!

...And Becky--Roxy wants me to tell you she is still really enjoying her felted heart bone you sent her in my Harvest Sock Swap package...It is one of her favorite toys now, and she DOES NOT like to share it, but she brings it to me often to play with her!! Her favorite thing is to tease me with it by not letting me get a hold of it--LOL!!

I'm signing off for now--have to work in the AM unless Lyllie and Aimee have different plans during the night!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Waiting.....sigh!

Poor Aimee--she has been having contractions for the last three days--and still no baby. We went in to the hospital once, and we were there for only 45 minutes. Her contractions were regular, but not strong enough, so they sent her home. The doctor doesn't want to use pitocin yet to try and induce her labor more because the baby is doing fine, and the doctor doesn't want to make Aimee's labor we wait...Aimee is staying at my house with me as she doesn't want to be home alone. We've had a beautiful time together though waiting on Lyllie to decide to make her appearance--just having lots of quiet time together, and I am getting to know my daughter as a beautiful young woman rather than an impossible teenager--LOL!! She has another Dr. appointment Monday-so if the baby isn't here by then, we are going have a very serious discussion about induction at that point. So we'll see what happens.

She would kill me if she knew I had posted these pics...good thing she doesn't read my blog!! LOL!! Isn't she cute though!!!!

In the meantime--to console myself--LOL!!!--I've done a bit of online shpping at The Loopy Ewe. There is nothing like shopping to help pass the time while waiting for Lyllie!! I bought three of Monica's sock patterns...Hearts A Plenty, Cables Galore and Dancing Tulips. then I bought this beautiful Cherry Tree Hill Yarn called Cherry Blossom. It is a limited edition yarn, and it is sooooo pretty!! Can't wait to get it! Isn't it pretty?! I guess initially it was only available overseas, and is now here as a limited edition.

and here are my "Roxy the Shih Tzu" sock blockers that I ordered from Chappy's Fiber Arts and Crafts on Ebay. They designed them for me, and they have many different sock blockers, so if you're looking for sock blockers...check them out!! Mine have been shipped, but I haven't received them yet...maybe tomorrow. Once I get them, I can put my first pair of Victorian Swag socks on them and post pics, because I finally got the second sock finished last night. I don't want to wear them though until I get some pics of them on my blockers.

Other things I've done to try and help pass these last few days before Lyllie comes are: I made a big huge pot of chilli--it's the perfect time of year for that!! With fresh cornbread. And today I made a huge batch of pumpkin bread--3 loaves!! and aimee and I have done lots of walking--we go the Mall of America and walk and walk and walk!! Bless her heart--she is even walking through the contractions. I just hope things pick up soon--she is tired, sore and miserable, and also very excited!!! Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers for Aimee and Lyllie!! I'm off to finish another pair of socks...or maybe start a new pair--LOL!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Aimee has been having contractions for the past couple of days now, but they haven't been real regular yet. But today she called me from work and said they were 6 minutes apart,and getting stronger. I went to pick her up from work,and brought her to my house. Now they have kind of spread out again, but they are still strong. so....we are just hanging out here at my house, and will wait and see if they get more regular. We are definitely getting close....please keep her and Lyllie in your prayers!!!!!!! and watch for pictures of a new baby girl-- coming soon to a blog near you !! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Little Model

Just posting a few pics of Ryder modeling his Cable Hat I knit for him. I think he makes a perfect model!! He is in his new "exersaucer" and is really having fun in it. He likes this new view on the world!! He is really fascinated with the mirror--I think the baby in the mirror is super cute!! :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Weekend of Knitting

I went out of town this weekend to my best friend's house. She lives in a little town in the middle of a state park, about 90 miles from the was so nice to get away from city life!! We have been best friends for twenty years-since our kids were little. My Aimee was a year old when Debbie and I met, and it is one of those very rare forever kind of friendships. Our kids are all 1 year Aimee was 1, her Josh was 2, my Zak was 3 and her Joe was 4 when we met. Our kids all grew up together and remain close as well. I was truly blessed when God allowed our paths to cross.

Anyway--I was able to spend the weekend in the country knitting. She crochets, and we watch alot of movies, so it is the utmost of relaxation. Oh yeah--we also eat alot--LOL!!! She's a really good cook!

I got Ryder's cable hat done this weekend to match the cable sweater I am making for him for Thanksgivng. I didn't have a pattern for the hat, so Monica helped me to work out a pattern for the hat,and it turned out rather well. I got brave and made a few slight modifications to the instructions she sent me, and I am very pleased with it. The sweater is a Sirdar DK pattern, and I knit both the hat and the sweater with Debbi Bliss Cashmerino DK. It is sooooo soft, and thick and squishy. I can't wait to see it on him. I just have to finish the sleeves and it will done. I also got halfway done on my second Victorian Swag sock this weekend, so maybe tomorrow will get that finished up and have me a new pair of socks to wear.

Back of Ryder's cable sweater