Thursday, May 29, 2008

thank you PawPaw...

Just a quick note to tell everyone that PawPaw passed away this morning at 9:40 AM. He was still here at home with all of us, and he got a send off filled with all of our love. It brings us all great peace to know that we fulfilled his final wish of remaining at home until the end. He held on much longer than we thought he would, and we know it's because he didn't want to leave us. He was a part of our lives for 18 years, but gave us a lifetime of love and wonderful memories. It still doesn't seem long enough, and I wish we could have had him longer so he could watch the great- grandbabies grow up as he did the grandbabies, but I am grateful for the time that we had him. i just wish he didn't have to go so soon. he left peacefully though, and we still feel his love all around us...but his chair looks so empty.
Thank you all for your care and support during this time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saying "HI!" and looking for hugs...

Hi friends...I'm in Illinois with my mom, stepdad and my brother's family right now. My stepdad is in the end stage of terminal cancer, and very close to starting the next part of his journey. We have hospice care for him now, and he is getting morphine and ativan every two hours. He has been more than a "stepfather" to me...he has been my daddy and PawPaw to my kids for the past 18 years, so it is very hard to watch him leaving us, and very hard to watch my mom go through this, as my grandma, her mom, just passed away less than two years ago. Even though I know he is not really leaving us, but continuing on in the next part of his soul's journey, it is still very hard. I hope I am keeping him comfortable. It brings us peace to know that he is at home with us, and not in a nursing home or hospital. When he takes his final breath, he will be surrounded by his family and those who love him.
Today my sister-in-law and I went to make all the funeral arrangements and cemetary arrangements so my mom wouldn't have to do that again. When my grandma passed away none of my mom's brother's (there are 5 of them) would help with arrangements, expenses, etc... so it was me and my mom and stepdad that did that, and now my mom doesn't have her husband by her side for support, so we went today so she wouldn't have to.
My kids and grandbabies weren't able to make the trip down with me...they were not able to get LOA's at work as I have been able to, so hopefully they will be able to join us for PawPaw's funeral. My hospital is very family oriented and very understanding in giving me the time off to be with my family right now. My mom really needs me right now, so I am glad that I could be here with her, but am very lonely for home and my kids and grandbabies.
I just wanted to come here and leave a note of what is going on, as this is my home on the web, and I feel a little less homesick, and a little less lonely being able to come here and share life, joy and sorrow with my friends. Thank you all for being a part of my journey here on earth, and sharing my pain and heartache.

A tribute to PawPaw with his great grandbabies...

PawPaw and Ryder

PawPaw and Lyllie

My niece Rylie and Ryder sitting with PawPaw...
he loves his grandbabies and great-grandbabies!! We know he will be our angel in heaven watching out over all his babies!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Mother's Day present

I got my Mother's Day present today, and even though it was a little bit late, it was well worth the wait. My wonderful children went in together and got me this beautiful Mother's Ring!!! It is white gold, and the stones are as follows...on the top is Aimee-amethyst, right is Zak-emerald, bottom is Ryder-smoky quartz, and left is Lyllie-citrine, and the middle is mine-pink tourmaline. Mine in the middle is kind of a place holder in case there are anymore babies, so we have a spot to put another stone. But I like the idea of keeping my stone in the middle surrounded by all of my babies!! I guess if there are going to be any more babies, they will need to born in one of the months already on my ring--LOL!! I was so moved that my children went in on this together for me. They know how very much I love all of them and what it means to me to be surrounded by my children and grandchildren, and the way the ring is designed symbolizes that to me. I feel that my family circle is complete!
This ring will never leave my finger, and I will treasure it and cherish it forever!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Christening Gown Update

I just wanted to give an update on Lyllie's Christening Gown...I now have the sleeves and neckline done. I'm very pleased with how it is turning out. We will have to get professional pics done for sure!! I can't help but wonder about the babies in future generations who will wear this gown. :) I have 7 inches to go on the skirt, and then the skirt edging. I will put beads into the edging also. The skirt will be 30 inches long which is heirloom length, and what Aimee wanted. Then I want to crochet little pink roses. One to go on the front above the skirt, and then I want to do little rosebuds all around the skirt.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gramma has a new set of wheels!!!!

Yep--I do!!!!! Got me a new set of wheels!!! And ain't they fancy!?
I have decided that I am NOT going to pay $4.00/gallon for gas this summer, and it looks like that is where we are headed. So I did some is only 6.5 miles to work from my house, so I am going to bike to work this summer, and start biking alot of other places that I would normally drive to. The car will be parked in the garage except for when I have to do a large grocery shopping trip, or go out of town.

Now, 6.5 miles doesn't seem bad as far as the drive to work goes, but it's all the other running around too that really adds up quick and runs out the gas tank. So this is not only about biking to work, but about making a CONSCIOUS effort to not drive this summer and fall. I will even probably bike up until the first snowfall in the winter.
Way back in my younger years, I biked everywhere...including 10 miles to work everyday. Then up until a few years ago, I did biking for pleasure--around the lakes in Minneapolis, but just gradually kind of got away from it. So it's not like I'm getting on a bike for the first time in 20 years. I think I'm still young enough to build up the stamina for it again and the exercise will sure do me alot of good. Then I won't feel so guilty about all the time I sit knitting a crocheting:)
So--I got the bike yesterday. It is a nice bike but got a good deal. The seat in the picture is no longer on the bike however...I went to day to get a more comfortable and padded seat. The seat that the bike came with was hard on the tush!!:) The bike has front and rear shocks, and overall, it is a very comfortable ride. I just rode 5 miles today in 49 minutes...not too bad for an old gramma lady!:)
as for my crocheting...I have 21 inches done on the skirt of Lyllie's Christening gown. Today I am going to work on the sleeves. I want to get them done before the skirt gets any longer just for the ease of maneuvering the gown while working on the sleeves. Will post new updated pics of the gown soon!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am posting a couple pics of Lyllie's Christening gown that I am crocheting. Just wanted to show the work I have done so far. I have a ways to go on the skirt yet, and the sleeves and neckline to do but it is working up fast, and I am happy with how it is turning out. It is actually a combination of three different patterns from Crochet Garden.

The top and lace overlay are from the "Princess of Twilight" dress pattern;
the skirt is from the "Seaside Fairy Sundress" pattern
and the sleeves will be from the "Fairytale Moments Keepsake dress" pattern

I will also make the headband from the Fairytale Moments set as it will be too warm for a hat I think, and the headband will be perfect to top off the set.

The stitches all seem to flow together nicely even though it is a combination of three different patterns and I am loving how it is turning out. I also am going to crochet little peach rosebuds to sew on the bodice and then it will have a peach ribbon around the bodice.