Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Puky Day

So...yesterday Ryder woke up and was very fussy. Let me just say, he always wakes up I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Zak put him in his high chair and we gave him some cheerios and tried to feed him some yogurt...his usual morning fare...he wouldn't eat. just got mad and wiped the cheerios off his tray and onto the floor...Roxy was having a hayday!! She likes cheerios too. I decided that Ryder needed to go back to bed, so I fixed him a bottle and wrapped him up in a blanket...he likes to be swaddled up still in a blanket. I think it's a security issue for him. We sat down to rock and he drifted peacefully off to sleep...ahhhh--there is just nothing like a baby sleeping peacefully in your arms.
Well the sleep lasted for all of 3 minutes when suddenly Ryder's eyes opened wide, and the next thing I knew, he and i were covered in what seemed like gallons of puke!!!! I haven't been puked on like that since Zak and Aimee were little! and in the midst of all his morning fussiness, it never occured to me that he could be sick with the flu...sigh...the puking continued throughout the morning and into the afternoon...poor baby. and Zak had to work, so guess who was doing bucket loads of laundry and dealing with a sick little boy. It subsided by midafternoon, and gramma and Ryder just spent the day rocking and cuddling. He started drinking pedialyte last evening, and today has been eating ravenously! Thank God it was a short lived bug, and I hope that it doesn't hit again for a good long while!
he is sleeping now in his new bedroom. Zak got his room painted over the past couple of days--a pretty blue. We are going to decorate his room in Elmo because he just loves Elmo! He is getting Elmo live for Christmas. Every time we walk past Elmo live in the stores, he points and laughs and waits for us to push Elmo's foot. He just loves that thing!! I'll get some pics when we have his room all done and post them. We just wanted him to have a really happy room. He was living in a horrible dark dump of an apartment before, and we want everything here to be bright and happy for him!!

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monica said...

Aww, poor little guy. I hope you don't get the nasty bug too. Glad he is feeling better. The room sounds like it is going to be adorable